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You submit their request and we will automatically Identify the most suitable candidate from our database of ID-verified, screened candidate profiles.

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We do reference checks on candidates then we arrange interview.


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About Us

Workcenta helps businesses and individuals find trusted, reliable workers- quickly and easily. We understand that businesses and individuals struggle to find good workers, and rely on word of mouth or expensive recruitment agents to find candidates. Similarly, jobseekers struggle to find jobs- also relying on word of mouth, agents or brokers.

WorkCenta allows you access to a pool of verified and ready-to-work drivers, at a very cost-effective rate. Employers can simply submit their requirements and Workcenta will automatically identify the most suitable candidates from our database of ID-verified, screened candidate profiles. Workcenta will even arrange the interviews for you! And we can do reference checks, We also take the extra step of providing health insurance for workers you hire through us, WorkCenta also reduces your concerns as health insurance for your workers is already covered for personnel you hire through us.

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Who pays the worker?

You pay us, we pay the employee.

I want a driver that is very familiar with Lagos roads/routes.

We ask our drivers specific questions on directions to various places even to the farthest places in Lagos such as Awoyaya, Iyana-Ipaja, Mile 12 just to know how much of Lagos they know.

I don't want to pay on monthly basis. I just want to pay workcenta on a daily basis through direct debit from my account. Is that possible?

Yes, It's possible. Simply provide specific instructions to your bank in that effect.

What happens if I default on payments?

We will send you reminders and if you do not pay by the 27th of the month under consideration, we will withdraw our staff.